Community of interests of Harzer Schmalspur- und Brockenbahn “ (IG), thus to her more originally, till May, 1992 Iautender name, was founded in March, 1990 by a group of engaged young railway employees of the small-time roads in the resin. Our association developed from a working group which already gathered at GDR times in 1988. She had sat down to the aim which at this time was planned by the planned Vollverdieselung of the small-time roads in the resin (the procurement of 30 diesel locomotives the Bavarian Broadcasting 199. 8) to the arrangement to hold put steam company at least by a suitable traditional care in recollection. For this the working group wanted to offer within the scope of the then possible suggestions and assistance

After the border opening the small-time roads developed in the resin to a nationwide attraction, because the resin and the roads were comfortably accessible now from the east and west to a wide audience. Visibly also became the wish Iaut resume the railroad traffic on the lump distance. This demand was taken up by the working group and to one of the first principal purposes of the association founded shortly after. Other aims beside the preservation of the steam company and the historical vehicles are an advertisement and public relations as well as the application for an environment-friendly traffic in the whole resin. Thus became in 1990 the total concept, resinous traffic in 2000“ in cooperation with other pressure groups has presented and during several events of the public. The demands for resumption of the railroad traffic on the lump distance and to the BahnlückenschIuß, in the north resin between batch castle and castle Vienen were realised, in the meantime.

A dramatic turning point in the association's work arose in January 1991, when plans for the re-privatization of the narrow-gauge railways in the Harz became known for the first time, questioning the preservation of the entire network and steam operation. Through massive protest, the IG managed to draw the public's attention to the problem and to mobilize the friends of the narrow-gauge railways in the Harz, which are now available worldwide.

The IG developed during the following weeks own company draught which not only showed an unequivocal declaration of intention in favour of the preservation of the overall network and the steam company, but also contained concrete proposal to the future company form and social structure of a private operator's society. With this draught different environment protection association stood the IG in the harmony with a wide front from municipal politicians, from tourist information offices, railway friends up to parts. The draught was introduced in the resin in 1991 to the governments of Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia, the affected municipal politicians, the German national railway and the national park, high-level resin“ as well as the wide public. In general it was valued very positively. Many of the proposals contained in it were checked from for the future of the roads persons responsible. They formed the basis for discussion at the negotiations to the regionalisation of the small-time roads in the resin and were also moved later by the new operator's society, the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen GmbH (HSB).

Also furthermore everything will risk the IG that her most important aims - preservation of the overall network and the steam company are realised.

Beside these duties also does not come the convenient side of the association work too briefly. Several special journeys with interesting locomotive strings and varied programmes became and are carried out for the members and friends of the small-time roads in the resin. Because the HSB can reproach only with the vehicles necessary for company for financial reasons, became already in 1993 by our association a steam locomotive of the former Nordhausen-Wernigeroder Eisenbahn AG (NWE) which provide built 99 6101 (ex NWE 6), again worked off and in 1998 with a new building kettle in 1914 for the military field railway. Furthermore we also reproach with 8 freight cars ready for service, as well as 3 carriages, under it the drawing room carriage taken out of service in the sixties of the former NWE. After two-year-old costly restoration the drawing room carriage as well as the other carriages of our association stands for the special holiday traffic again to the Verfugung. Thus we will also take care in future with the help of donations of the preservation and the care of the historical vehicles to allow their application in interesting special trains .

Furthermore a new locomotive and carriage hall with workshop was established for the historically valuable vehicles of our association in Nordhausen. This and still a lot other is natural more only by donations, vigorous assistants and the good cooperation with the HSB possibly. Also our members deal with the history of the roads in the resin and their documentation in a future railway museum.

And, finally, appears for all friends of the railways in the resin also an association newspaper which reports about all essentials what happens on the left and to the right of the rails.
They see, our activities are varied. Hence, other vigorous assistants are always welcome. Interesting duties wait for you. But also without active activities you can support us

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Die Interessengemeinschaft Harzer Schmalspurbahnen e.V. ist nicht der Betreiber
des Streckennetzes der Harzquer- Brocken- und Selketalbahn.

At the moment valid annual membership fee (per calendar year) - state 2016:

Adult 40. 00€ of every other members of the family 20. 00€
(e. g. : 1 Erw. /and another members of the family = 60. 00€,

Schoolboy, students, pensioners, trainees and job-seekers 20. 00€

The association newspaper "Harzbahnpost harzbahnpost" (seems quarterly) is included in the membership fee.

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