General terms of business for the special trains of her IG HSB e.V.

The special trains the inc. IG HSB are special achievements, beside the scheduled control railroad traffic of her
Harzer Schmalspurbahnen GmbH are offered.

It is a special achievement and is defeated therefore also by a special status.

The journeys take place only with sufficient least number of participants.
Hence, orders should come on time, at least, however, 14 days before the journey with the inc. IG HSB.

The dispatch of the calculations occurs by mail and only in special cases by post.
The payment erfogt exclusively by transfer to the account the inc. IG HSB.
The tickets are handed over on the travel day in the train.

In the special trains the inc. IG HSB no discounts are granted. how rail card,
Treacly disabled pass or the similar find no use.

With cancellation for grieved reservations, cancelation fees are raised as follows:

14 days before the journey   cancelation fee 
13. to one day before the journey   75% of the agreed fare 
on the driving day or with nonappearance 100% of the agreed fare 

For dogs half a fare is to be paid in general. Dogs have to carry a muzzle.
The dog owners stick by full height for the damage.
Baby carriages, buggies and Rollatoren become free in the special trains of the IG HSBe. V. carried,
if it admits the extent of utilisation of the trains and, hence, are to be given with the order with.

If a special journey becomes on account of unpredictable adversities (e. g. , high water, storm or similar) by them
Not carrying out inc. IG HSB, the already paid driving money is refunded free of charge.

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