Charter vehicles from IG HSB e.V.
For special occasions and your very personal trip, you can charter our cars through HSB.
Contact details and further information can be found on the HSB GmbH website.
We have 8 operational freight cars and 3 passenger cars, including the saloon cars of the former NWE that were retired in the 1960s. After two years of extensive restoration, the saloon car, like the other cars of our association, is available for special travel.
Most of the cars were restored or refurbished by Verein Brücke e.V. in Blankenburg. In the meantime, some wagons have been repaired again by the IG HSB e.V. in many work assignments by the members of the IG.

As long as our vehicles are operational, there is the possibility of charter a car or of putting together your own special train.

905 153 (T) "the soup wagon."

The baggage car KDwi 905-153 [T] is part of the inventory of historic traditional vehicles of the IG HSB
(as a "soup truck") and can be chartered through HSB for special occasions.

Equipment of the vehicle

- Service compartment
- gas system
- Sink with water tank
- Gas and steam heating
- Fridge
- gas stove

the soup wagon.

A look into the heart of the soup wagon.

900 457 Salon

A very special vehicle for very special occasions, our saloon car.
Immerse yourself in a bygone railway era.Take a seat in the cozy blue cushions and travel like a king.
Equipment of the vehicle
- 20 places with tables
- a small bar
- Loudspeaker and music system
- WC on board. (the water tank cannot be filled in the winter months)


The colleague cannot be chartered with



900 461 Wagon 10

This car can accommodate up to 44 people


900 485 Wagon 9

This car can accommodate up to 48 people

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