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Car 99 02 11 is currently being visually reworked in Nordhausen. It is to become a small “museum” after completion. Who has materials about the IG HSB e. V. from the beginnings to the present
This is why we are looking for
- Photos
- Tickets
- Be documents and all sorts of things. For our uniforms (DR)
- Shoulder pieces
- Caps
- a complete uniform for women

The pictures are not so much about the journeys. Much more in the focus for the showcases should be the development of the site after 1990, as our association was part of it with the opportunity to build a track and later a hall. Of course also with a documentation of the work carried out in and around our hall. Please get in touch with Dieter Spiess
or send an email to dieterspiess55@gmx. de

Open day in Nordhausen Unfortunately we have to cancel the event on 14. 3. 2020 for organisational reasons. We will hold the festival at a later date. We will announce a new date in good time.


Dear members and friends of the IG HSB e. V. Unfortunately, we have to postpone our annual general meeting on 21. 3. 20 to a later date for the given reason. A new date will be announced in due course.

Work assignments in Nordhausen
Holger Prochnau regular work assignments in Nordhausen, always on the first Saturday of the month. Further information and please register with Alexander Arnold for planning purposes:
Tel./Whatsapp 0160 8161390
or email

Work assignments in Wernigerode
Sören Peter There are no fixed appointments, as many colleagues also have to work on weekends. If you are interested in helping, please contact me at: Tel./Whatsapp: 0151 62515190 or email

Employee in request!

By the death of Dieter Baumgarten and the move of some comrades-in-arms,
if the membership of the regional group the Rhine / Main has shrunk.
To allow a continued existence of the regional group, become interested
Members for info states the inc. IG HSB or to the exchange of views
in the space Frankfurt / Main in request.
I would be glad about Your interest very much! Hopes for many answers:

Martin Mayr     
Fuldaerstraße 23     
60386 Frankfurt/Main
Telefon: 069 / 42 21 66